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Tips on Tuesday

A more positive Tip than last week’s today and one that can apply to all your social media marketing (and indeed can be extrapolated to apply to your full marketing plan).

Audit image Aire Media

Our Tip on Tuesday today is do a regular audit of your marketing strategy.  Don’t be satisfied with simply posting on social media, regularly take the time to find out what works well, what doesn’t work so well and whether any of your posts created problems.

In order to keep a fresh and vibrant social media presence you need to ensure your profiles are the best they can be, so do take time once a month to review and reflect and make those changes to keep you ahead of the game.

See you next week – and happy reviewing!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we are giving a little general advice.

controversy definition

Stay away from controversial topics.  Even if your view isn’t offensive you run the risk of getting drawn into conversations you might not want to be in.

It is imperative to keep a squeaky clean profile than will ensure your brand has respect and your voice carries weight within your sector.

Way back in one of our first Tips on Tuesday we talked about keeping business and personal profiles separate and I think now is a good time to remind you of the importance of just that.  That isn’t to say your business profile can’t have a personal touch, but just keep the contentious topics for your own timeline!

See you next week.

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we’re visiting something very small but very important.  The favicon.

Favicon Aire Media Bingley

So what is a favicon?  A favicon (short for favourite icon) is an icon associated with a particular website.  This is usually displayed in the address bar of a browser or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks.

Are they important?  We think yes, they are!  Whilst a very small thing and not essential to the running of a site they show an attention to detail which makes your company stand out.  From a branding point of view, favicons are vital as they make your brand appear even in the tiniest spaces.

So – this week we are setting some homework.  If you haven’t got a favicon, make sure you have by next week!  They are very easy to create yourself by using a free web tool.


Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip can apply to all your social media channels.

About Us Aire Media

Remember to use the “About” section on your social media profiles to your advantage.  You should take the opportunity to give an overview of your business and what you offer.  Keep it short but engaging, the aim is to spark people’s interest in you as a brand.  Make sure your website URL appears on your profile so people can find out more and, ultimately, contact you.

If people have landed on your social media profile you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find out further information.  The better social media profiles are clear, concise and clean. 

By next week make sure your profile is up to date.  We will check! (Just kidding, there’s no test, but this is a great chance to do your housekeeping!)

Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management

The Cedar House

We were contacted by Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management at the advent of their online career.  They had made a great website themselves using a free service, but wanted our advice on streamlining that website, ensuring they met Search Engine Optimisation best practice and creating a thriving presence on social media.

We are delighted to announce that after an initial consultation, we have created a partnership and are really excited to be working with Jurassic Coast Holiday Home Management.

If you’d like to find out a little more about what they do, please visit their website.

Amazon Natural Fitness


Amazon Natural Fitness contacted us to help them out with their social media.  Phil and Anna who run the gym both have other jobs and they found they simply couldn’t afford the time to make use of social media and digital marketing to increase their membership numbers.

That’s where we’ve stepped in.   As part of our agreement with Amazon we’re handling their social media presence, improving their online brand and dealing with search engine optimisation on their website.  We are dedicating several hours per week to making use of free social media advertising to help increase awareness of Amazon Natural Fitness in the local area.

We’re really pleased to be working with a local business and tailoring our social media packages to exactly meet their requirements.  It is really important to us that we work with all the staff at Amazon – and we encourage them to be active on the brand social media accounts too!

You can visit Amazon’s excellent website here.  Amazon are also on Facebook, Twitter and a newly launched Instagram account!  Have a look around and keep your eyes out for increased content through all platforms as we work with the talented owners of Amazon!

Tips on Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone, you’re just in time to see this week’s Tip on Tuesday.

Today’s tip is in response to a saga I have been watching unfold on social media.  The tip does, in part, refer to a previous tip which you read here about the important of customer service.

Our tip is in fact very short.  Do NOT delete negative messages on your social media profiles.  That will create such a bad feeling about your brand.  Rather than delete; respond, apologise and ask what you can do to put things right.   Every business in the world will receive bad feedback at some point.  It is how you deal with that feedback that counts.

See you same time next week!


Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is short and sweet and can be applied to any of your social media channels.

When responding to your followers, people who have liked your page etc. make sure you make them part of what you’re trying to create.

Use “we” as an inclusive term.  It makes your brand much more human and makes the people who interact with you feel like a valuable part of your team.  Make them part of your achievements “we did it!” and remember to thank them once in a while for being part of your success!

Tune in at the same time next week for more Tips!

Tips on Tuesday

We’re using today’s tip to give a very important piece of information that everyone who uses social media for their business should remember.  Although this tip is also useful for those who only use social media on a personal basis.

Keep passwords of your accounts safe.  Don’t give them out to anyone unless they’re a trusted employee and are dealing with the social media aspect of your business.

It is very easy for social media accounts to be hacked – and a hacked account can cause people to unfollow immediately which means all your hard work in gaining followers is lost and can undermine your reputation as a brand.

Keep your accounts secure.  Have complicated passwords, even use a random generator, that cannot be guessed and store them somewhere secure.

If the worst happens and your account is hacked make sure you deal with it quickly and competently.  Apologise to your followers and let them know you’ve rectified the situation and change passwords on all your accounts.

Keep safe!

Tips on Tuesday

We’re back on a very scorching Tuesday to take some of the heat off you in terms of your social media posts!

We strongly advocate having a social media schedule, we think its important, especially for a small business with a limited budget, to use marketing time wisely and to know what will be posted and when.

However, don’t be afraid of spontaneity and creativity.   If something is unfolding on social media don’t be afraid to participate, make use of it, tap into trending topics.

It is important to keep a sense of relevance to your own personal brand – but taking a chance here and there with your social media presence might just reap very good rewards.