Monthly Archives: April 2015

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is short and simple, but something that is frequently overlooked and can make such a difference.

We like it when businesses link to their social media profiles – as many as they have – from their website.   It shows your customers you are progressive and that you really are keen on keeping up with trends. 

Here’s where our tip comes in – make sure when people visiting your website (remember these are your potential customers) click on a link to your social media profiles, the link opens in a new tab or window.  You want people to stay on your website and give them MORE chances to read about you, not immediately direct them away somewhere else.  Getting people to visit your website is a really hard thing to achieve.  When you do this, you must keep them.

Tips on Tuesday

Following a lovely little break for Easter, we’re back with our regular Tips on Tuesday slot.  This is a companion tip for our first ever Tip on Tuesday, which you can find here.

In our first tip, we talked about the importance of using your full quota of twitter characters.  Today we suggest you don’t allow your tweets to spill over the 140 characters.  Using multiple tweets for one point can get very confusing.  Don’t forget your followers will follow countless other people and their tweets will appear in and amongst yours.   It is far better to do a single punchy tweet, asking followers to follow a link to your website than trying to get across all the information in a limited platform. 

If you really cannot cut down your tweet, use a service like TwitLonger.  On TwitLonger you can type a far longer message, which will appear to your followers via your Twitter account. The first part of your tweet will be visible together with a URL to follow to read the full message at the TwitLonger website.

Remember, the key is not making your followers, who are your potential clients, work to find out what you’re saying or what you can offer.  Make it easy, make links clear to see and easy to follow and don’t make it impossible to follow your train of thought.

We hope you found today’s Tip on Tuesday useful!  See you same time next week!