Monthly Archives: April 2020

Tips on Tuesday

Another Tuesday rolls around meaning another week of our new normal!

Open Sign

If you are able to open in the current climate, but your opening hours have altered then make sure you have changed your business hours across your social media and Google My Business channels.  One of the first places people will look to find practical information on a business is social media.

Remember, whilst people are encouraged to only make essential journeys, you don’t want their journey to be wasted if your opening times are not current!  It is important to do what you can to make the current difficult situation that little bit easier!

Tips on Tuesday

Unprecedented times, but it is important to ensure clarity.

Clear image

If you are making changes to your business practices so you can carry on trading during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that you communicate clearly to your customers what those changes are and what they can expect.

For example if you are going to post items out, will there be a delay due to delivery times?  If you’re going to start making home deliveries yourself; a message on how you will ensure social distancing practices are followed is important.   Do you need your customers to make changes to how they pay you?  If so, a clear instruction page is important.

We recommend a clearly visible FAQs page added to your website (and shared on social media!) that deals with any differences to your normal practices.  There will inevitably be situations and questions that occur that you haven’t covered, but a basic document outlining the major changes should make the processes go more smoothly!

Tips on Tuesday

Sometimes it can be hard to feel that it is ok to go on as normal!

Keep calm

Whilst undoubtedly things are very strange and people are still getting used to a new way of life, if your particular business can carry on without flouting guidelines and you’re able to do so safely then carry on you must!

Whilst we would advise carefully thinking about the tone of your online presence, and ensuring everyone knows how you’re keeping your staff and customers safe, being online at the moment is more important than ever.

Use your voice, sell your product, keep your client base!  Have a think about how you can add value to other businesses by sharing their content. There has never been a situation where “we’re all in this together” is more apt.

Tips on Tuesday

Clients often ask me if there’s any point them being on Instagram because they don’t believe their business lends itself to the channel.


My response is, if you can take a picture of something related to you or your business then get on Instagram!

I love Instagram to have a bit of fun with, to really show the personality behind the business.  As we all work towards a new normal, why not try using Instagram now.  Share some images of your new work-mates, your new workspace.  Keep the team together whilst they can’t actually be together!