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Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we’re going to look at Twitter

TwitterTipsAireMediaTo use twitter most efficiently it is important that you keep up to date with twitter etiquette by learning the lingo!  So as a handy guide, we think the three most important abbreviations to know are: –

RT: A retweet is simply re-sharing of content already posted to twitter.  That can either be your own previously posted content or someone else’s.  There is a retweet button on twitter to make it simple for you to do this, which will look something like this: –

Twitter retweet arrowsSome people like to add an “RT” before the tweet to make it clear that they’re sharing content but this isn’t essential.

MT: MT stands for modified tweet, which means you are paraphrasing someone else’s content.

PRT: a PRT is a partial retweet, which means you are sharing a snippet of a tweet rather than retweeting the whole content verbatim.

DM: a DM is a direct message – which means the content will go directly into another twitter uses mailbox and not be visible on either their or your timeline.




Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday is looking at how valuable a resource LinkedIn can be if used correctly.

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn is slightly different from other social media channels in that it is more geared towards B2B and freelancers making professional contacts.  In that case it is far more important to keep a more professional tone on LinkedIn.  That isn’t to say you can’t use humour, but keep it light.

You can use your other social media channels to showcase the fun side of you or your business but LinkedIn is about sharing valuable advice between experts and professionals.  Don’t be afraid to do so!


Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we are visiting Pinterest.

Pinterest Logo Aire MediaPinterest is a very valuable platform for two reasons; firstly it is a great way of sharing content for very visual businesses, secondly it is a really nice way of showing the personality of the staff at your business.

Remember it is important to pin regularly and consistently.  Followers will be attracted by a steady stream of content rather than huge amounts of pins in one go then nothing for week.

Avenue Boutique Hair & Beauty Salon

Avene Boutique LogoCaroline, the owner of Avenue Boutique contacted us because the Avenue Boutique team were simply too busy to fit social media into their full-on schedules.  With appointments being booked months in advance, it really wasn’t hard to see how their time simply slipped away.

As a hair and beauty salon, the very visual craft was simply too good not to be shared on social media and that is where Aire Media come in.

We formulated a plan with Caroline and her team involving regular segments on social media, streamlining and managing the website and generally helping them to have an online presence whilst they create the magic in the salon.

We’re delighted to have forged a partnership with such a lovely local business!

For more information on the salon, please visit Avenue Boutique.

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we’re giving some general advice that you can apply to all the social media channels you use.

Image of all social media iconsA very simple tip; don’t beg for followers!

There is nothing more off-putting on a social media account than a brand begging to up their follower count.  By all means join a networking hour or group and suggest you’d like to make some useful connections, but keep it businesslike, not asking simply to get your follower count up.

Remember to aim for valuable followers due to the quality of your content.