Monthly Archives: February 2024

Tips on Tuesday

Clients often ask me if there is any point them being on Instagram because they don’t believe their business lends itself to the channel.

My response is, if you can take a picture of something related to you or your business then get on Instagram!

I love Instagram to have a bit of fun with, to really show the personality behind the business. Share some images of your products, of your employees, Share photos of your workspace. If you pop out for a coffee, or go to a meeting why not see if anything catches your eye on the way! Is your business located somewhere with great photo opportunities – try and make use of that!

Remember, the more places you are active, the greater your exposure to potential customers or useful contacts!

Tips on Tuesday

Do you have a favourite social media platform? Come on now, tell the truth – everyone does!

It is completely fine to have a favourite platform – by all means choose the one that works best for your business and focus the majority of your efforts there.  However, we do see value – even if you can’t see how a different platform would be worthwhile – in at least having an active presence across the “big three” platforms.

Using social media shouldn’t be a chore, it should be as much a part of your working day as your morning coffee and just as enjoyable!  Make it work for you, use the platform you love – but be prepared to spend a little time elsewhere to ensure you’re as visible as possible!

After all, the more windows you have into your business, a greater number of people can see in!

Tips on Tuesday

Safer Internet Day 2024

Did you know that Tuesday 6th February 2024 is the 21st Safer Internet Day?

This year’s theme is “Inspiring Change” We’re passionate about empowering people, especially young people to be online!  So today we’re sharing our top tips on how to change your habits to stay safe whilst using the internet.

  1. Never reveal your passwords to other people. Choose a password that is strong by using a mix of letters and numbers. Make sure you change them regularly.
  2. Make sure you think before you post. Never post anything you wouldn’t want your parents or teachers to read. As soon as you press send, the information/image is no longer private.
  3. Be respectful. If you think your post could upset someone, don’t post it.
  4. Be careful about what you share online. Don’t give clues about where you live in either the information or the images you post. 
  5. Make sure you check your privacy settings regularly. Bear in mind that you might think you’re only sharing something amongst close friends, but that isn’t always the case.
  6. Be careful who you talk to online. If someone you don’t know tries to add you as a friend, ignore them and block them. Don’t give people online your address and phone number.

Social media platforms have an age limit for a reason.  It is to keep young people safe.  There’s some great advice on UK Safer Internet Centre on how we can all work towards making the internet a place of mutual respect and safety!