Here is a selection of comments we have received from satisfied customers

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with these guys if your social media offering needs a boost.  Can’t speak highly enough of how they have helped our business!

Andrew                                                                                                                                                                       Mortgage Advice Bureau Bingley

Working with Rachel was exactly what my business needed…it took the pressure off me worrying about my social media and website content, I could rely on her to update it for me whilst I concentrated on running my salon.

I would highly recommend

Caroline                                                                                                                                                                        Avenue Boutique Hair & Beauty Salon

Having recently launched freckles & fire I felt slightly overwhelmed by both the online and social media options! Rachel’s knowledge and expertise has helped me stock take where I am and focus on where I should be.

Most importantly Rachel has given me the advice and confidence to take the business forward in the right route. Thanks a million!


Rachel reviewed my whole social media offering, even those I hadn’t expressly suggested she view, clearly going above and beyond her brief. Her advice was clear and succinct; and warm whilst offering constructive advice. Rachel has proposed a number of ideas that I will definitely be following up particularly around my use of facebook and pinterest (which would be a new offering to me). Highly recommended indeed

Mini Travellers

Clear, relevant advice. Rachel had a good understanding of my business and which direction I needed to take it in. I would certainly use her services again

My 3 Monkeys Wall Stencils

Thank you for taking the time to review the Prism Decorating online media accounts. Social media is becoming more and more important to our business, even though it is not really directly related to social media! It is something we at Prism Decorating have had to embrace, and so it has been really important to have you review the online media. The suggestions you have put forward could make the difference between losing a customer, or attracting a new one…so for a micro-business like us, it is so important we get it right first time and we have already put the wheels in motion to make the changes. Thank you for making it easier for us to get it right!

Prism Decorating

Thank you for the full and honest feedback on our social media accounts for the Crediton Area Family Market. As a young business, social media is so important to us as that is where our client base is. The bespoke feedback on our facebook account, along with the detail about how facebook manages newsfeeds will prove invaluable to our business. Further, the information about Twitter and how different it is to other social media has been useful in planning our marketing and messaging strategy.
There is so much value in getting fresh eyes on what we do, to see how it is perceived by our customers and the general public. It is something that we are unable to do, so I very much appreciate the time and effort you have put in to doing this for us. I am pleased that we are getting our messaging across, and it is even better to know how we can improve it!

I definitely recommend Rachel and Aire Media, she has been invaluable to building our business!

Crediton Area Family Market

Rachel has provided me with invaluable advice for marketing my business. She was able to offer advice based on the fact that I am a franchise and has given me achievable marketing aims suitable for my size of business. I was able to follow her advice and have already seen increased facebook likes and shares which in turn should be increasing my future sales.

Tatty Bumpkin Milton Keynes

As a small business it is often hard to find the time and most effective techniques to increase our social impact, this is where Rachel has been invaluable. She knows how to make social media simple and accessible. She provided a succinct overview of how we should better what we already have in place and provided the support we needed to action her advice and secure a better social presence. We are already seeing the benefits.

Little Red Kids

Rachel from Aire Media had a look at my website and social media sites and gave me some great honest feedback, along with easy to understand and implement advice, so that I can improve my social media  presence and reach to the general public. As a new business this is so helpful to me. I can highly recommend Aire Media.

Naturally Babies