Monthly Archives: August 2021

Tips on Tuesday

You know what they say about first impressions, and your social media profile picture is the online equivalent of a first impression!

Is there such a thing as the perfect profile picture?  Probably not, but excellence is the next best thing!

Simply, use your logo in a size to fit into the space!  Your profile picture needs to be instantly recognisable, even at fairly small-scale and of good resolution.  If you logo is too large or the wrong shape to work well as a profile shot, consider creating a smaller version of part of your logo for social media purposes. 

The key is consistency across all your branding.  Use the same image as a profile shot across all your social media channels.

Tips on Tuesday

Do you ever feel tempted to write really long posts on Facebook simply because there isn’t a character limit?


It is such a cliché but it is so true, it really is quality over quantity.  Don’t fall into the trap of feeling you have to fill space.  Short, snappy posts work as well on Facebook as other platforms.  Did you know the ideal length of a Facebook post is 40 – 80 characters; post that are less than 80 characters receiving on average 88% more engagement.

Obviously your post must make sense, but look at using language creatively for shorter Facebook content.

Tips on Tuesday

Have you thought about setting your social media strategies seasonally?

Whilst it may seem obvious if your business offering is seasonal, for those who aren’t in a season-specific industry you might like to try changing your strategy by setting some season-specific goals or creating a marketing theme for each season.  How can you use summer for example to create a relevant and innovative new theme of posts for your business?

You can even take this further stylistically by giving your social media channels a different look in each season by use of carefully planned image and colour-scheme.

Never be afraid to have fun – and this could be a great way of creating interesting content or themes whilst staying true to your core ethos.