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Tips on Tuesday

Picture the scene, you’ve set up your social media profiles and think they look great.  All that’s left is to make them live, right? Wrong!

Anonymous Mask

Before you put anything live, make sure you take a look at it through your customers’ eyes.  Use a private window to view the profiles to make sure they look as good to other people as they do to you!

Such a small and quick activity, but one that could make a huge difference to your online presence.

Tips on Tuesday

We’ve mentioned this tip in part before, but we’re going to extend it a little here.


We’ve often emphasised how important it is to ensure there are no errors in your social media postings; but it’s really important that you apply that to your website too.

Your website is, in effect, a shop window.  If it is littered with spelling errors, then you’re already fighting an uphill battle to get customers to engage with you.

Copy and paste all the text from your website into a programme like Word (other programmes are available!) and make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are perfect!

Tips on Tuesday

Social media can be the greatest (free!) tool in your arsenal when it comes to marketing, especially for SMEs or those that don’t have a large marketing budget. Our Tips on Tuesday aim to give you bite-size chunks of advice to help you perfect your strategy.

Image of all social media icons

The “About” section on any social media channel is your chance to shine.  It is, in effect, your shop window so make the most of this opportunity and make it work for you!

Ensure your brand is clearly described and it is obvious what you do! Ensure contact details are up to date and that you utilise the chance to add the URL of your website.  The easier you make it for potential clients to understand your brand and to get in touch the better.

Tips on Tuesday

A very happy new year, and a Tip on Tuesday that acknowledges just how early in the year we are!

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It is always a great idea at the start of any year to review your social media policies.  Ask yourself some questions about the previous year.  What did we do well?  Which posts worked best?  Did we make any mistakes?

Use the answers to prepare your social media strategy for the coming year.  Do more of the good stuff!!

As part of the review make sure your profiles are up to date, clear and fully completed.  Ensure your profile and header images are good quality and work well on all devices.

Start the year in perfect, prepared fashion to be a social media success!  As Benjamin Franklin said “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday is small but beautifully formed and can be applied to all your social media channels.

Image of all social media iconsProfile pictures are wonderful – they’re your online shop window.  Each time you make a post on any of your channels, your profile picture will appear.

It is really important to make sure that not only is your profile shot the correct size for each platform (you can follow our handy guide to image sizes)but that your photograph is clear in a smaller size.  It is no good having your logo as a profile shot if it is simply a little blurry square, you want people to know it is you posting!

Tips on Tuesday

A little bit of LinkedIn chat for today’s tip.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn is about quality not quantity.  We have posted in the past about making sure your profile is up to date (which you can read HERE)but it is equally important to keep your profile smart and interesting.  Countless paragraphs will put people who want to connect with you off.  Make your descriptions snappy; make it easy for people to find out all the brilliant things you can do!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip we’re going to share a generic social media tip.

Image of all social media icons

Don’t forget to have your website linked from your social media profile and vice versa.  You want to make it easy for people to find you – don’t make them work for it!  Make sure your social media channels are linked from your website (and do ensure they open in a new tab/window!) and make sure your social media profiles contain at the very least an obvious website link.

Don’t be bashful – be seen!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we’re going to visit Twitter and give you a tip that could be the difference between getting a new customer and losing them.

TwitterTipsAireMediaThere’s no easy way to say this but on Twitter you have a three-second check out time.  That means three seconds before someone will click away from your profile.  It is therefore essential that you have your profile completely filled in.

Make sure your company logo is your avatar and you have a header image of the right size.   Ensure your bio is filled in with a succinct, yet informative few lines about your company and what you do.  If it is pertinent to your business, remember to put a location – although we see no harm in inputting this whether you’re location-based or not.  Finally, and most importantly ensure your website is there – that means all potential customers have to do is click.  If you make it easy for people to find you, they will!

Tips on Tuesday

Ok, so another Facebook visit for today’s Tip on Tuesday but we think this is a really useful one after a client found they were having problems.

Facebook page Image

Our client wasn’t able to make changes to the Short Description section on their Facebook “About” page.   Although they were trying to change the text, Facebook was not allowing them to input new text.  We found the following methods which allows changes to be made: –

  1. On your business page, selection the “About” section
  2. Select “Page Info”
  3. Select the edit icon for the section “Short Description”
  4. Remove the current text.
  5. Select “save changes”.
  6. Refresh your browser
  7. The “Short Description” section should now be removed and you will see a “write a short description for your page” which will allow you to input a new description.

Unfortunately a rather long-winded way of making small edits but we found copying and pasting into Word made the process much quicker!


Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip can apply to all your social media channels.

About Us Aire Media

Remember to use the “About” section on your social media profiles to your advantage.  You should take the opportunity to give an overview of your business and what you offer.  Keep it short but engaging, the aim is to spark people’s interest in you as a brand.  Make sure your website URL appears on your profile so people can find out more and, ultimately, contact you.

If people have landed on your social media profile you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find out further information.  The better social media profiles are clear, concise and clean. 

By next week make sure your profile is up to date.  We will check! (Just kidding, there’s no test, but this is a great chance to do your housekeeping!)