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Tips on Tuesday

Back just in time for our weekly slot, here’s today’s Tips on Tuesday.

For today’s tip I’m visiting Facebook and how to make your page pop and catch people’s eye. And the simple answer is use photographs.  Make sure your profile shot is brand specific – if you use other social media or have a website, make sure you use the same image across all platforms to ensure continuity – and that people will immediately recognise you.  Use a cover photograph – make sure the eye is drawn to the top of the Facebook page so people are encouraged to look further – especially for your contact information, after all your immediate aim is to encourage people not only to visit your site but to engage and interact!


Tips on Tuesday

This week in Tips on Tuesday I will be dealing with the question of how personal you make your work social media profiles.

And the easy answer is there is no easy answer!  My own preference is to keep my personal and work social media accounts separate.  I like to be able to feel more relaxed on my personal accounts, be able to talk about inane things that wouldn’t be appropriate on the work accounts.

However, I do think that work social media accounts can have that personal touch.  They don’t need to be dry and completely without personality, but you do need to remember that everything you write on your work social media accounts immediately reflects on your company, however much you say “these view are personal” in your biography!

My tip would therefore be: – do what feels comfortable and natural.  Don’t separate your accounts if you don’t want to.  But be mindful and careful about what you post under your work accounts and avoid contentious issues!

Tips on Tuesday

Welcome to our new regular Tips on Tuesday slot, where we will be sharing bitesize chunks of advice to help you get ahead on social media!

Today’s tip focuses on Twitter.

You have 140 characters.  USE them.  Shorten links you post and explain them.  Use up your character space with hashtags.  Have a look at hashtags that are currently in use and try and tie your post in with them.  It is immediate, free and effective filtering! With such a limited space for getting your point across, it is important to use every character you can!