Monthly Archives: August 2023

Tips on Tuesday

Have you got a new product or service about to launch?

Why not consider the power of a teaser trailer? Create a short campaign of images and even a video to create interest.

A sneak peek is great for creating interest in what you’re doing, and making your followers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club, after all they’re seeing your product first! 

Tips on Tuesday

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world” ~ Margaret Mead

Have you thought about joining local Facebook groups? If you’re running the type of business that serves the local area, community groups can be a wonderful way of sharing news, offering your services, and just connecting with new people.

Remember the golden rules – give as much as you take; if you can’t help a potential customer but know someone who can why not give them a recommendation? And always, ALWAYS abide by the admin rules on advertising; there is nothing worse than a business being kicked out of a group because they’re spamming the members!

When times are difficult, being involved in the local community can really be effective!

Tips on Tuesday

We always emphasise the importance of regular social media content.

However, it is also really important to look after yourself and take a break! Whilst using scheduling software (either the channels’ own or a third-party programme) is a great option, it isn’t always easy to find the time and inspiration to create content for whilst you’re away.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a content plan for your holidays. Enjoy your time away and come back refreshed and ready to make your social media channels shine!

We’re putting our Out of Office on and we’ll see you in a fortnight!

Tips on Tuesday

Studies show that after 72 hours people only remember 10% of what the read, however with the use of a carefully chosen image, that figure can rise to a massive 65%!

A few times recently, we’ve seen people posting “image for attention” in their posts, and the image used has no relevance whatsoever to the post in question.

Make sure when you use an image, you make it pertinent to your content.  A funny picture is lovely, but if it has no meaning it won’t be long before your followers will get bored.  

There is a vast stock of royalty free images on the web – make sure you choose carefully and share away!