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Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is really simple.

MAKE CONNECTIONS.  And that is really it.  In every part of our life we need connections to grow and succeed – and the advent of social media has really make it easy for us to grow our business connections.

Build a network quote

If you’re more of a face to face networker then find your place to make those valuable connections.

Join us tomorrow at the Bingley Business Expo to make some amazing local relationships.

Do not underestimate the power that can be gained by gaining a new connection.

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday is a return to a Twitter tip we’ve spoken about before.


Way back in March we spoke about how important the use of the hashtag was (you can read all about that HERE).

We want to reiterate today that you MUST keep your hashtags relevant to what you’re saying.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a company use a completely unrelated hashtag simply to try to grab exposure.  If you can use a trending hashtag appropriately and with relevance, that’s great.  If not, create your own hashtags and let your content do the talking! 


Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip on Tuesday can be – and should be – applied to all your social media channels.

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It is really important that you don’t flood your networks with spam.   That isn’t to say you can’t post regularly – if you have something important or fun to say, then by all means say it!  But don’t post for the sake of posting.  There is nothing more annoying to a potential customer than seeing constant, irrelevant content.

Live by the old adage, “it is quality not quantity!”

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday can really be applied to any of your social media channels.

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Today’s tip is really simple.  When you’re on social media don’t mistake a public reply for a private message!  It is really important to ensure that potentially sensitive content is kept off your timelines.

To avoid this, once a conversation with a prospective customer is ready to move to DM I simply send a message and ask for an email address so I can take any discussions fully away from social media to prevent any mishaps!