Monthly Archives: September 2023

Tips on Tuesday

So, we’ve all pretty much had that “back to school” feeling.

September is a great time to ensure your skills are up to date, you’re aware of any changes to the algorithms for your social media channels and you’re using the most current version.

It can also be a great time to think about developing your skills. If you feel like you would like to improve your skills, there are plenty of online courses (both free and otherwise!) that do just that.

Remember, back to school isn’t just the literal – it is a metaphor for getting back into the swing of things. Remember, even if you’re returning to the office after a holiday, it can take you a couple of days to settle. The end of Summer can sometimes feel a little poignant; but seeing the positive and the possibilities open to you is a great mindset!

Good luck to you all!

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is really simple.

MAKE CONNECTIONS. And that is really it. In every part of our life we need connections to grow and succeed – and the advent of social media has really make it easy for us to grow our business connections.

If you’re more of a face to face networker then find your place to make those valuable connections.

Join us on Wednesday 27th September at the Bingley Business Expo to make some amazing local relationships.

Do not underestimate the power that can be gained by gaining a new contact.

Tips on Tuesday

The one size fits all approach never works!

Does your social media plan consider accessibility?

With no such thing as an “average user”, it is vital you ensure your social media strategy covers inclusive design methods.

What is inclusive design? Quite simply inclusive design accounts for diversity—including ability, language, gender, age, and other factors—and enables people to engage in a variety of ways.

Accessibility matters for social media, because without inclusive design you’re potentially missing out on a large audience.  Did you know 71% of excluded web visitors will simply leave rather than complain?  A survey by Facebook found that more than 30% of people report difficulty with at least one of the following: seeing, hearing, speaking, organizing thoughts, walking, or grasping with their hands.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to help you make your social media inclusive and diverse.  After all what is better than creating great, accessible experiences for everyone in your audience?!