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Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we are giving a little general advice.

controversy definition

Stay away from controversial topics.  Even if your view isn’t offensive you run the risk of getting drawn into conversations you might not want to be in.

It is imperative to keep a squeaky clean profile than will ensure your brand has respect and your voice carries weight within your sector.

Way back in one of our first Tips on Tuesday we talked about keeping business and personal profiles separate and I think now is a good time to remind you of the importance of just that.  That isn’t to say your business profile can’t have a personal touch, but just keep the contentious topics for your own timeline!

See you next week.

Tips on Tuesday

Last week we spoke about resharing content on Facebook in this post.

Image of Twitter Aire Media

For today’s Tip we are visiting the same topic on Twitter.  Last week, Twitter announced that they were making it possible for users to retweet their own content, which makes sharing your posts much easier.

Don’t be afraid to share your content again with a “have you seen this” or “we spoke about this here”.  As long as you don’t spam your followers it is a perfectly valid marketing tool to ensure what you have said is seen.

Have you anything in particular you would like us to do a Tip on?  Do let us know!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we are looking at Facebook

Facebook Aire Media Blog

Don’t forget that Facebook algorithms are such that not everyone will see your posts.  Don’t be afraid to re-share content.  The key is not to spam your followers so by all means re-post a message you have already used, but change the wording, add a different image etc.

And don’t forget, a share and interaction is key to getting yourself visible.

See you next time.

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we’re visiting something very small but very important.  The favicon.

Favicon Aire Media Bingley

So what is a favicon?  A favicon (short for favourite icon) is an icon associated with a particular website.  This is usually displayed in the address bar of a browser or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks.

Are they important?  We think yes, they are!  Whilst a very small thing and not essential to the running of a site they show an attention to detail which makes your company stand out.  From a branding point of view, favicons are vital as they make your brand appear even in the tiniest spaces.

So – this week we are setting some homework.  If you haven’t got a favicon, make sure you have by next week!  They are very easy to create yourself by using a free web tool.