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Tips on Tuesday

Twitter is a great tool for marketing, especially as you can use it to grow totally organically; which for companies with a smaller marketing budget is ideal.


Our tip today is talking about the retweet. 

Twitter retweet arrowsRetweeting is a great way of gaining exposure, telling someone “yes we like what you’ve said here” or even sharing specialist knowledge from other industry leaders on Twitter. Do make sure that you achieve a reasonable level of retweeting.  Don’t spam your followers with random retweets all day.  Make sure content is non-controversial, pertinent and relevant! 

Add your own comments to the retweet for added value! Twitter is all about sharing – make that sharing work for you!

Tips on Tuesday

Stopping off with another of our bitesize Tips on Tuesday.

TwitterTipsAireMediaToday we’re having a little look at Twitter.  Retweeting is a really valuable resource on Twitter.  It is an easy and quick way of sharing other industry influencers’ content.  However it is important to not overdo the retweets.  Your followers want to see YOUR content, they don’t want to see a feed full of other people’s content. 

You might also want to put a caveat that “a retweet is not necessarily an endorsement” or be careful to only share pertinent and non-controversial content.

Tips on Tuesday

Last week we spoke about resharing content on Facebook in this post.

Image of Twitter Aire Media

For today’s Tip we are visiting the same topic on Twitter.  Last week, Twitter announced that they were making it possible for users to retweet their own content, which makes sharing your posts much easier.

Don’t be afraid to share your content again with a “have you seen this” or “we spoke about this here”.  As long as you don’t spam your followers it is a perfectly valid marketing tool to ensure what you have said is seen.

Have you anything in particular you would like us to do a Tip on?  Do let us know!