Monthly Archives: July 2015

Tips on Tuesday

We’re using today’s tip to give a very important piece of information that everyone who uses social media for their business should remember.  Although this tip is also useful for those who only use social media on a personal basis.

Keep passwords of your accounts safe.  Don’t give them out to anyone unless they’re a trusted employee and are dealing with the social media aspect of your business.

It is very easy for social media accounts to be hacked – and a hacked account can cause people to unfollow immediately which means all your hard work in gaining followers is lost and can undermine your reputation as a brand.

Keep your accounts secure.  Have complicated passwords, even use a random generator, that cannot be guessed and store them somewhere secure.

If the worst happens and your account is hacked make sure you deal with it quickly and competently.  Apologise to your followers and let them know you’ve rectified the situation and change passwords on all your accounts.

Keep safe!