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Tips on Tuesday

A snippet this week that you can use for any social media channel you use.

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Don’t ask for shares! 

Picture the scene, you write great content, you add it to your feed then you finish with “please share?” You know what will happen folks, you will get very few shares.

The best way to encourage people to share your posts is simply by creating great content! If you have strong pieces, full of great information; the shares will happen organically – and will be worth more because they have happened spontaneously and not at your own request.


Tips on Tuesday

A nice little Instagram tip today, which is such a small thing, but so important.

Vintage Instagram

A really important thing to remember is that Instagram works on square images, just like old Polaroid pictures.   Really try to make your images work in a square format, or if possible switch your camera mode to “square”.

Mediocre pictures will get lost on Instagram, make your images shout for you by being the best they can possibly be!


Tips on Tuesday

One of the most important things you will ever learn when you’re starting to market your business is that you can’t be seen if you can’t be found!

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Having that all important online presence is an absolute must.  However, make sure people can find you once you’re live; make your usernames intuitive and simple and, most importantly, relating to your company name.  Make the search easy – if you can’t be seen then you can’t be heard!

Tips on Tuesday

We just love those tips that are simple yet essential, which is why today we’re having a look at Twitter.

TwitterTipsAireMediaWhen you’re using Twitter, make sure you take care when using someone’s Twitter handle. 

If you want your Tweet to go directly to a particular person make sure you have spelled the username correctly and that you’re 100% sure it is the right person, otherwise you are spamming people with information who are           potentially not interested whilst missing the very person you want to chat to or make a connection with.

A brief proof-read would have saved poor George Papadopoulos from a case of mistaken identity and an awful lot of notifications!!

Twitter mistake identity