Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is short and sweet and can be applied to any of your social media channels.

When responding to your followers, people who have liked your page etc. make sure you make them part of what you’re trying to create.

Use “we” as an inclusive term.  It makes your brand much more human and makes the people who interact with you feel like a valuable part of your team.  Make them part of your achievements “we did it!” and remember to thank them once in a while for being part of your success!

Tune in at the same time next week for more Tips!

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is specific to Twitter.

Today we’re going to suggest to all smaller businesses to get involved with local hours on Twitter.  These tend to be a weekly event, usually lasting an hour and curated under the umbrella of a single parent account.

These hours are very useful as a free networking tool and very easy to become involved in.   So have a search, see whether there are any you can become involved in and if not start your own!  We definitely recommend taking the time to see what wonderful opportunities to find out about other local businesses these hours give you.

Some of the hours local to us at Aire Media are: –

#ilkleyhour – Monday 7-8pm

#otleyhour – Thursday 7-8pm

#yorkshirehour – Wednesday 8-9pm

#skiptonhour – Tuesday 9-10pm

#bradfordhour – Thursday 8-9pm

#bingleyhour – Tuesday 8-9pm

It is our very first time currating #bingleyhour tonight.  Find us at @BingleyHour or via @Aire_Media and come and get involved!