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Tips on Tuesday

Have you created an intentional hashtag strategy?

Whilst much is made of trending hashtags, don’t be afraid to create and consistently use your own. After all, who better to create hashtags that truly represent your offering than you!

Whilst Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in any one post, using too many will dilute your message and prove counterproductive. An ideal strategy is to use around 10-12 hashtags across all platforms: having a mix of your own, consistent hashtags, and the more fluid, trending, or relevant hashtags.

Remember, the point of a hashtag is to identify digital content on a specific topic, this gives you the opportunity to increase your reach and for your content to appear in front of people who don’t follow you yet – a win as far as we’re concerned!

Tips on Tuesday

Social media is a constantly changing beast, which of course necessitates changes to the processes you are used to.

Don’t be discouraged by algorithm changes.  Rather than trying to beat the algorithm, change your strategy to work with the processes of any particular social media channel.

In many cases continuing to create high-quality content will help you avoid significant negative effects of the regular updates we have come to expect from our social channels!

Tips on Tuesday

It seems a simple concept, but one of the most vital pieces of advice when planning your social media strategy is to maximise your leads!

Facebook gives you the option to add a call-to-action button to your posts or Facebook ads. This is a powerful feature (where appropriate), simply because it gives mobile users (did you know 98.3% of Facebook users view the platform via a mobile device or tablet whilst 79.2% access Facebook through a mobile phone only) the chance to get in contact with you quite literally at the touch of a button; no need for them to follow links, no need for them to navigate slow uploads or landing pages.

Getting the potential lead is the hard part, once they are hooked make their journey with you as easy as possible from first contact. You will soon see how this converts a viewer into a real-time customer or client.

Tips on Tuesday

Social media…


noun: social media; plural noun: social medias

  1. websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

The great thing about social media is that it is, well, inherently social. To that end, remember that your content does not just have to be created by one person or department.

Involve your entire team in your content creation; it is a great way of getting a fresh perspective, a new tone and helping your audience get to know all the valuable members of your team.

Be creative with it – why not set aside one particular day a month as “takeover day” and let your team really make their mark on your channels.