Monthly Archives: October 2023

Tips on Tuesday

With 2024 fast approaching (how did that happen?!) now is a good time to take stock of your online year!

It’s important to remember that social media – and your wider online presence – is an ever-changing landscape!

At this time of year, we always recommend reviewing your online year. Check back using social media insights and analytical tools into which posts worked, and which were less successful. You can then use the data you collect to create your online schedule and plan for next year!

Remember, as Warren Buffet said, “it’s a good idea to review past mistakes before committing new ones.”

Tips on Tuesday

At this time of year, we always recommend starting to consider your social media strategy for next year.

As with all good strategies, you first need a goal. Now is the time to decide what your social media goals are for the first quarter of 2024. Do you want to increase awareness of your brand? Do you want to engage more with current customers? Do you want to increase your audiences? Do you want to convert your audiences into customers? Do you want to become an influencer in your field?

You cannot begin to create a firm strategy for your social media channels without knowing what you’re aiming for! Don’t forget, the goal isn’t set is stone and can be amended and adapted throughout the year by regularly reviewing your strategies.

Step one, decide upon your first goal!!

Tips on Tuesday

We’ve spoken often about how important it is to add images to your posts on social media.

Studies show that after 72 hours people only remember 10% of what the read, however with the use of a carefully chosen image, that figure can rise to a massive 65%!

A few times recently, we’ve seen people posting “image for attention” in their posts, and the image used has no relevance whatsoever to the post in question.

Make sure when you use an image, you make it pertinent to your content.  A funny picture is lovely, but if it has no meaning it won’t be long before your followers will get bored.  

There is a vast stock of royalty free images on the web – make sure you choose carefully and share away!

Tips on Tuesday

Tuesday 10th October is World Mental Health Day – a day to talk about mental health without the fear of stigma and to show mental health matters to everyone.

Concerns about the negative impact of social media are well documented, but in fact there are some really positive ways social media can help mental health: –

  1. Social media provides people with a platform that enables them to be in contact with someone at any time, in any location. The Covid pandemic proved how difficult it was when in-person interaction wasn’t possible and social media during that time became a vital tool for many people to stay connected and to carry on their social relationships.
  2. The anonymity afford by social media can give users a safe space to discuss their own experiences with mental health whilst avoiding any stigma.
  3. Build community by joining local groups; whilst online relationships can be valuable and special, social media platforms offer users chance to make in-person connections in their local area – thus creating a community-based support network.
  4. Social media can help you strengthen existing relationships – especially when distance is a factor. The ease (and lack of cost!) for messaging and chatting can be really important to continue a bond when meetups aren’t possible. It can also be really beneficial for groups such as older people, or people with life-limiting conditions that might make leaving the home difficult.
  5. A common dilemma among people with mental illness (including depression) is the reluctance to talk to people closest to them about their problems. More and more young people are turning to the internet for health advice, including topics such as contraception, acne treatments, etc. A search with the hashtag #MentalHealth on the TikTok app showed more than 16.4 billion views. In fact, many teens will post online what they’re reluctant to discuss in person, which makes intervention by concerned friends and peers more possible.

A study by the Harvard School of Public Health concluded: –

“The findings suggest that as long as we are mindful users, routine use may not in itself be a problem. Indeed, it could be beneficial.”

So, if you need to talk to someone, remember it’s great to talk – there’ll be someone to listen. Reach out!

Tips on Tuesday

Did you know it is just under 12 weeks until Christmas Day (sorry….sorry!)


Use your time wisely! Make sure you have relevant social media goals for the next 12 weeks with a firm idea of what you want to achieve before Christmas. As always given the time constraints, make sure your goals are achievable!

Don’t be afraid to share your company’s Christmas traditions across social media – giving yourself a little more personality at this time of year can be a great thing. 

It is also important to schedule in a break! Don’t be afraid to take some time off from your social media schedule over the festive season, with a view to coming back refreshed and ready to go in January!

You have less than 12 weeks…. how are YOU going to use them?