Monthly Archives: June 2023

Tips on Tuesday

If you’re in charge of your company’s social media accounts, it can be really hard not to focus on how many followers or “likes” you have.

An important thing to remember is, whilst it is always a great idea to use the analytics social media channels provide to gauge your performance, the number of followers you have isn’t necessarily the best metric to measure how successful your social strategy is.

What matters most, is the level of connection and relationship with your followers, rather than the number.

Try and shift your mindset from numbers to relationships!

Tips on Tuesday

Have you heard about our “Power of Three” – a must do every time we post on social media!

We have created a 3-point checklist to ensure your posts are the best they can be aesthetically, the content – of course – is up to you!

Have you checked your grammar and spelling?

There is nothing worse than a really great social media post with a glaring spelling mistake in the text. Always take time to proofread your posts!

Have you checked your links?

Have you added links to your post? If so, do check they’re working and directing people to where you want them to go!

Have you added images?

Adding an image to a social media post is a sure-fire way to make it more interesting. But make sure the image is relevant and of excellent quality before you hit post!

Apply the Power of Three to your next social media posts!

Tips on Tuesday

Stop that scroll!

We cannot say this enough times but make your content eye-catching!

People don’t read social media channels in full, they scan their timelines quickly and transiently, only stopping when something catches their interest.

Your unique challenge on social media is to stop that scroll!

The first post of call is a captivating image. Secondly make sure your copy isn’t overly verbose and really tells a story in a few words. Make any calls to action clear and efficient – win the battle by allowing your customers to shop, contact or book in with just a single click.

Don’t be afraid to stand out on social media, if you’re doing it for the right reasons then you’re engaging with people who will potentially become your customers!

Tips on Tuesday

You know what they say about first impressions, and your social media profile picture is the online equivalent of a first impression!

Is there such a thing as the perfect profile picture?  Probably not, but excellence is the next best thing!

Simply, use your logo in a size to fit into the space!  Your profile picture needs to be instantly recognisable, even at small-scale and of good resolution.  If your logo is too large or the wrong shape to work well as a profile shot, consider creating a smaller version of part of your logo for social media purposes. 

The key is consistency across all your branding so ensure you use the same image as a profile shot across all your social media channels.