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Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is about the most important thing for you when running a business – efficiency.

One of the most underutilized functions on Twitter is the ability to create Twitter Lists.  The lists allow you to organise and view the content most important to you, which then appears in a separate feed.  So for example you could have Twitter Lists for customers, potential customers, other accounts in the profession you interact with, professional advisers, etc.

The benefit of a Twitter List is you know who you’re engaging with, and have less content to sort through to make relevant contact and conversation.  This is where the efficiency part comes in – less time sorting through feeds means more time spent on meaningful interaction.

Create a list by clicking on the cog icon on your Twitter profile, and hitting the “Create List” button.  Give your list an identifying name and choose whether you want it to be private or public.  Then simply search for people you want to add to your list and insert them via the cog icon at the top of their profile.

You can also use public lists to discover useful contacts.  You can find public lists through anyone’s Twitter profile.  And remember, you don’t need to follow someone to utilise their public lists.

Happy organising!

Amazon Natural Fitness


Amazon Natural Fitness contacted us to help them out with their social media.  Phil and Anna who run the gym both have other jobs and they found they simply couldn’t afford the time to make use of social media and digital marketing to increase their membership numbers.

That’s where we’ve stepped in.   As part of our agreement with Amazon we’re handling their social media presence, improving their online brand and dealing with search engine optimisation on their website.  We are dedicating several hours per week to making use of free social media advertising to help increase awareness of Amazon Natural Fitness in the local area.

We’re really pleased to be working with a local business and tailoring our social media packages to exactly meet their requirements.  It is really important to us that we work with all the staff at Amazon – and we encourage them to be active on the brand social media accounts too!

You can visit Amazon’s excellent website here.  Amazon are also on Facebook, Twitter and a newly launched Instagram account!  Have a look around and keep your eyes out for increased content through all platforms as we work with the talented owners of Amazon!

Tips on Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone, you’re just in time to see this week’s Tip on Tuesday.

Today’s tip is in response to a saga I have been watching unfold on social media.  The tip does, in part, refer to a previous tip which you read here about the important of customer service.

Our tip is in fact very short.  Do NOT delete negative messages on your social media profiles.  That will create such a bad feeling about your brand.  Rather than delete; respond, apologise and ask what you can do to put things right.   Every business in the world will receive bad feedback at some point.  It is how you deal with that feedback that counts.

See you same time next week!