Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday – and don’t they come around quickly – will be a generic tip that can be applied to all social media channels.


In short the tip is Customer Service.  When you have an open social media profile you are immediately giving your customers, both potential and past, the chance to talk to you.  And whilst this is such a bonus for your business when they post glowing reviews, it can be a double-edged- sword when someone posts a less than positive message.

So my tip this week is simply to respond.  Respond to every message you get.  Whether your reply is a simple “thank you for your feedback” or an “I’m sorry you feel that way, how can we sort this out” people reading the situation playing out will appreciate that you are conversing with your customers.

I agree that there really is no such thing as bad publicity, even the…well….bad publicity if you deal with that publicity in a positive way and show your customers that they come first.

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