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Tips on Tuesday

Stopping off with another of our bitesize Tips on Tuesday.

TwitterTipsAireMediaToday we’re having a little look at Twitter.  Retweeting is a really valuable resource on Twitter.  It is an easy and quick way of sharing other industry influencers’ content.  However it is important to not overdo the retweets.  Your followers want to see YOUR content, they don’t want to see a feed full of other people’s content. 

You might also want to put a caveat that “a retweet is not necessarily an endorsement” or be careful to only share pertinent and non-controversial content.

Tips on Tuesday

A lovely bright Tip on Tuesday today on such a lovely, sunny day!

Newest Instagram LogoWe all know Instagram is all about the image, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care with those images.  It is so easy to upload snaps to Instagram that sometimes the quality of the shot can be lost in amongst the desire to share a flurry of images.

If you’re using Instagram to market your brand, make sure your images are high quality, sharp, interesting, and relevant to you; one high quality, creative image will say so much more than a number of less attractive photos.

It might only take a few seconds but quality control matters!

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday is small but beautifully formed and can be applied to all your social media channels.

Image of all social media iconsProfile pictures are wonderful – they’re your online shop window.  Each time you make a post on any of your channels, your profile picture will appear.

It is really important to make sure that not only is your profile shot the correct size for each platform (you can follow our handy guide to image sizes)but that your photograph is clear in a smaller size.  It is no good having your logo as a profile shot if it is simply a little blurry square, you want people to know it is you posting!