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Tips on Tuesday

Did you realise it is just TWO MONTHS until Christmas Day (sorry…. sorry!)

Christmas gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate shot on rustic wooden table.

Use your time wisely! Make sure you have relevant social media goals for the next 8 weeks with a firm idea of what you want to achieve before Christmas. As always given the time constraints, make sure your goals are achievable!

Don’t be afraid to share your company’s Christmas traditions across social media – giving yourself a little more personality at this time of year can be a really good thing. 

It is also important to schedule in a break! Take some time off from your social media schedule over the festive season, with a view to coming back refreshed and raring to go in January!

You have 2 months…how are YOU going to use them?

Tips on Tuesday

In the past few weeks we’ve been discussing Inclusive Design and how your social strategy should always include a fully accessible user-experience.

We’ve long been an advocate of video content on your social profiles, but did you know to be fully accessible all your videos should be subtitled? 

Not only do subtitles create a user-friendly experience for people with hearing impairments, but they also enhance the viewing for people not watching in their native language or for people who are in sound-off environments. 

Imagine such a small change making your video accessible to so many more people!!

Tips on Tuesday

We’ve been discussing the importance of Inclusive Design and how some small changes to your social media posts can make them more accessible to more people.

Emojis are great fun to use, and when used appropriately add a welcome bit of lightheartedness to your posts.  However, text-to-speech software reads out a description for every emoji you use, so be careful with the number you include.

Hearing “one gold star” isn’t terrible, but hearing “one gold star” repeated 10 times throughout a message is not only tiresome, but alters the meaning of the entire post.

Remember, in this case less is certainly more!

Tips on Tuesday

We spoke last week about the importance of Inclusive Design and over the next few weeks we’re going to be giving bitesize tips on how to make your social media accessible.

You’re on social media, you’re using a hashtag right?  Did you know that for best practice when you’re using hashtags, you should always use CamelCase and capitalise the first letter of every word?

Not only does this mean  that screen readers can read out the hashtags correctly, it also makes them easier to read for everybody else.

This is something we have consciously been focussing on in our social media strategy, as we consider how to make social media accessible for everyone!