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Tips on Tuesday

You’ve written a great blog post, or you have a great special offer on, or you have a really important event coming up; what is the best way to ensure messages like this are really visible on your social media channels?

We’re big fans of the “pinned post” facility on both Facebook and Twitter.

Push pins

When you’ve shared your link, or written your content – make sure you pin that post.  This keeps the post at the top of your Facebook page, whilst on Twitter it means the tweet is pinned to your profile, keeping it easily visible when people check your page!

Whilst a pinning facility isn’t currently available in the same way on Instagram, you can create Stories and add pertinent content thereto.  Stories can be pinned into your Instagram profile and sorted by genre.

A word of warning, make sure once the content is outdated, you remove the pin, thus returning the content to the relevant place by date on your timelines.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a great product you want to buy, only to find out it was on sale 6 months ago!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we are partially revisiting something we discussed way back in March 2015.

We visited pinning posts on Facebook in this Tip on Tuesday, but did you know you can also pin tweets on Twitter?

Picture of pin Aire Media

Unlike Facebook, there is no time limit to pinned tweets, they simply stay at the top of your profile until you change it.

It is a great way to get a message to your followers and people looking at your profile without constantly spamming them.   Use the function wisely for your best offers, the most important things you want to say and you will see the retweets follow.

See you next week folks.

Tips on Tuesday

Doesn’t time fly – for today’s tip we’re focussing on using Facebook for marketing

Facebook now has the option to pin a post at the top of your Page’s timeline for a week. 

USE this tool – place any special offers, promotions, any important announcements at the top of your page and pin them there.  Anyone visiting your site will immediately see the important information you want them to see. 

If you have a special offer you want people to see it and engage, people do not have the time to scroll down through countless other posts until they see something that catches their eye.

Any new status you write will appear below the pinned post until the time period has elapsed or you choose to unpin it.  The formerly pinned status will them simply drop into its chronological position in your time line.

Happy pinning!