Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we’re going to look at Twitter

TwitterTipsAireMediaTo use twitter most efficiently it is important that you keep up to date with twitter etiquette by learning the lingo!  So as a handy guide, we think the three most important abbreviations to know are: –

RT: A retweet is simply re-sharing of content already posted to twitter.  That can either be your own previously posted content or someone else’s.  There is a retweet button on twitter to make it simple for you to do this, which will look something like this: –

Twitter retweet arrowsSome people like to add an “RT” before the tweet to make it clear that they’re sharing content but this isn’t essential.

MT: MT stands for modified tweet, which means you are paraphrasing someone else’s content.

PRT: a PRT is a partial retweet, which means you are sharing a snippet of a tweet rather than retweeting the whole content verbatim.

DM: a DM is a direct message – which means the content will go directly into another twitter uses mailbox and not be visible on either their or your timeline.




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