Tips on Tuesday

Unprecedented times, but it is important to ensure clarity.

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If you are making changes to your business practices so you can carry on trading during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that you communicate clearly to your customers what those changes are and what they can expect.

For example if you are going to post items out, will there be a delay due to delivery times?  If you’re going to start making home deliveries yourself; a message on how you will ensure social distancing practices are followed is important.   Do you need your customers to make changes to how they pay you?  If so, a clear instruction page is important.

We recommend a clearly visible FAQs page added to your website (and shared on social media!) that deals with any differences to your normal practices.  There will inevitably be situations and questions that occur that you haven’t covered, but a basic document outlining the major changes should make the processes go more smoothly!

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