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Tips on Tuesday

The great thing about social media, is the ability to reach people on a very small budget!

Have you thought about using the “Events” tool on Facebook?

Event pic

If you have the type of business where you want people to physically attend a certain event, do try out this tool.  Whether you’re hosting a one-off event, would like people to attend on the first day of a sale, or even just arranging a get together, “Events” is a great way of creating a bit of a buzz surrounding your business and monitoring attendees.

As with all tools on Facebook you can either use it organically, or simply add a small budget to boost your post to reach a wider audience. 

Why not give it a try and see what response you get.  Remember Facebook is all about fostering interaction, and this could be a great way to start a conversation!

Tips on Tuesday

Image of all social media icons

This isn’t the first time we’ve given this tip, but it is probably the most important so we’re going to bang the drum again.

If you haven’t got a social media presence, make it your number one priority in your plans for the start of 2018 to have one!  Did you know over 60% of SMEs have made a sale using leads made via their social media.

Don’t miss out on potential great clients for the sake of not using social media.  Nobody can choose to use your services if they can’t see you!

Tips on Tuesday

During our Tips on Tuesday segment we like to give as many helpful tips as possible surrounding digital marketing and social media.  Today’s tip is a generic one covering all your social media channels.

Image of all social media iconsIf you have a social media presence, don’t forget to put your social media handles on your marketing literature!

Have them on your business cards, flyers, website etc.  If you have a presence you want to use it and drive people to find you.  Don’t make potential clients or customers work to find you.  Make it easy for them and it will pay off!

Tips on Tuesday

January seems to be flying by at an alarming rate and we hope you’re putting into practice our advice from our new year series on Organisation.  The first parts of the series can be found HERE (where we talk about organising your schedule), HERE (where we discuss allocating roles effectively) and HERE (where we look at reviewing your processes).

Image of definition of organisation

For today’s tip we’re advising you to make sure you ALWAYS find time to check social media for notifications.

We advise spending a few minutes each day just checking to see whether you have any notifications on your social media channels.  This doesn’t need to be scheduled into your social media plan as it can be somewhat of a moveable feast, but its important that you regularly check and respond to those that need responding to. 

You don’t want to miss out on potential clients by missing them contacting you on your social media.

We’ll be back next week with the final of our January tips .

Tips on Tuesday

As you know for Tips on Tuesday throughout January we’re working on an organisation theme, the first two tips can be found HERE and HERE.

Image of definition of organisation

Continuing with the theme to help you aim for an efficient and effective 2017, our tip today is review.  Whilst it is so important to actually have a social media presence, it is equally important to know that you’re doing it right.  A poor executed social media account can be as off-putting to potential customers as not having one at all.

Schedule regular reviews throughout the year to look into what you’re doing, find out which posts performed best and play with your upcoming posts to do more of the same.  If you find a post that didn’t work well, try to determine why so you can avoid making the same mistake!

Keep your content crisp and effective to be noticed.

Tips on Tuesday

We’re back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to jump straight into our Tips on Tuesday segment.

For January we’re going to be giving general tips to get you back into the mindset of achieving as much as you can from your online presence.

Our very first tip of 2017 is…….organisation!

Image of definition of organisation

Take time in your first week of the year to have a think about your online presence.  Make a basic schedule of when you’d like to make posts on social media, schedule when you have important announcements to make or when you want your marketing campaigns to begin, have a think about what national events or industry specific events are coming up that you want to tap into.

Although it feels like you have a huge blank page ahead, making some basic plans now will mean that your time will be more efficiently spent throughout the year and most importantly you won’t overlook your social media presence during busy times.

Tips on Tuesday

Ok, so another Facebook visit for today’s Tip on Tuesday but we think this is a really useful one after a client found they were having problems.

Facebook page Image

Our client wasn’t able to make changes to the Short Description section on their Facebook “About” page.   Although they were trying to change the text, Facebook was not allowing them to input new text.  We found the following methods which allows changes to be made: –

  1. On your business page, selection the “About” section
  2. Select “Page Info”
  3. Select the edit icon for the section “Short Description”
  4. Remove the current text.
  5. Select “save changes”.
  6. Refresh your browser
  7. The “Short Description” section should now be removed and you will see a “write a short description for your page” which will allow you to input a new description.

Unfortunately a rather long-winded way of making small edits but we found copying and pasting into Word made the process much quicker!


Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday, we’re going to chat a little about one of the free tools on Facebook you can use to help keep your company visible.

Facebook Aire Media Blog

Why not ask your clients or customers to “check in” on Facebook when they visit you?  Many people really like this tool on Facebook, and use it almost like a diary.

Whilst you’re not actively doing any marketing and therefore using none of your marketing budget, it does mean that friends of your client see where they’re checking in and notice your name.  And being noticed is so, so valuable!

See you next time!


Exciting news from Aire Media

We are delighted to announce that we have added Avenue Boutique Hair and Beauty Salon to our portfolio of clients.

Avenue Boutique Shop FrontOpening in September 2015 and based in the pretty Yorkshire village of Eldwick, Avenue Boutique is owned by Caroline who has over 16 years experience, receiving training from some of the country’s top stylists and colour technicians.   Joining Caroline at Avenue Boutique is stylist Cheryl, a previous colleague of Caroline’s and the two have created a really exciting and dynamic new salon.

We are delighted to be working alongside Avenue Boutique providing digital marketing and look forward to being able to share their amazing talent to a wide audience.

It has long been our ethos at Aire Media that we would like to help local businesses achieve a place in the community and we are thrilled to be forging a partnership with another Bingley-based company.