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Safer Internet Day 2021

Did you know that Tuesday 9th February 2021 is Safer Internet Day?

We’re passionate about empowering people, especially young people to be online!  So today we’re sharing our top tips on how to stay safe whilst using the internet.

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  1.  Never reveal your passwords to other people.  Choose a password that is really strong by using a mix of letters and numbers.  Make sure you change them regularly.
  2. Make sure you think before you post.   Never post anything you wouldn’t want your parents or teachers to read.  As soon as you press send, the information/image is no longer private.
  3. Be kind.  If you think your post could upset someone, don’t post it.
  4. Be really careful about what you share online.  Don’t give clues about where you live in either the information or the images you post. 
  5. Make sure you check your privacy settings regularly.  Bear in mind that you might think you’re only sharing something amongst close friends, but that isn’t always the case.
  6. Be careful who you talk to online.  If someone you don’t know tries to add you as a friend, ignore them and block them.   Don’t give people online your address and phone number.

Social media platforms have an age limit for a reason.  It is to keep young people safe.  There’s some great advice on UK Safer Internet Centre on how we can all work towards making #AnInternetWeTrust.

Tips on Tuesday

It is no secret times are hard, so here are some easy ways you can help small businesses on social media: –

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  1. Give them a follow/like.  A very easy one but important.
  2. Share their content.  If you see something you think your friends might be interested in, share the love!
  3. If you’ve bought a product or used a service, why not tell people? Leaving a review takes very little time but means the world!
  4. If you see something that interests you on their timeline, comment on the post and tell them so!
  5. Check in to their premises.  People will remember where you’ve been!
  6. If you’re a member of a local group on social media, people often ask for recommendations; word of mouth is still so important, we just deliver it a slightly different way!

Give it a try and spread the love; who will you help out today?

Tips on Tuesday

One of the biggest goals we have when using social media is stopping people from scrolling by without viewing your content.

Video Camera

Why not think about using videos in your postings?  Videos can easily create warm audiences; which is just what you’re looking for!

Ensure your videos are fun, relevant and have captions so people can watch without sound.

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s little gem of social media wisdom is something that we think is really important.


You’ll know from previous Tips on Tuesday posts that we’re a massive fan of tapping into trending hashtags to gain exposure on Twitter.

That said, make sure any hashtags you use are relevant and appropriate.  Using a hashtag that has nothing to do with what you’re saying or any services you offer will just make you noticeable for the wrong reasons.  Similarly, be careful when discussing anything controversial or upsetting; again your social media feed is your public image.

Be amusing, join in, be mindful!

CPS publishes new social media guidelines

As part of Hate Crime Awareness Week, The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has today published guidelines as to the range of offences for which social media users could face prosecution.

CPS Logo ImageThe guidelines make it clear that social media users who create derogatory hashtags, who try to gather virtual mobs to target people, people who post humiliating photoshopped images, users who indulge in the practice of “baiting” and people who post or encourage people to repeat grossly offensive messages should face prosecution, which could result in a jail term.  The maximum jail term for such offences is 12 months.

The guidelines are keen to point out that message must pass what they’re describing as a “high threshold” before a prosecution can take place.

The guidelines go on to clarify that teenagers who send sexually explicit images of themselves are not to be prosecuted providing it is consensual and all parties are a similar age.

The new guidelines (which can be read in full here) are particularly welcome after a report earlier this year found that 1 in 4 teenagers had suffered some form of online abuse.

Further information on Hate Crime Awareness Week can be found by visiting the Stop Hate UK website.



Special announcement – Monday 28th September 2015


Aire Media are delighted to announce that today we are adding Amazon Natural Fitness to our portfolio of clients.

Amazon Natural Fitness is a family run gym and health club in Bingley, West Yorkshire with an emphasis on achieving fitness in a natural way.

We are thrilled to have Amazon on board and are looking forward to working with them.

You can visit Amazon’s Website here for more information on them and what they do

Tips on Tuesday

Following a lovely little break for Easter, we’re back with our regular Tips on Tuesday slot.  This is a companion tip for our first ever Tip on Tuesday, which you can find here.

In our first tip, we talked about the importance of using your full quota of twitter characters.  Today we suggest you don’t allow your tweets to spill over the 140 characters.  Using multiple tweets for one point can get very confusing.  Don’t forget your followers will follow countless other people and their tweets will appear in and amongst yours.   It is far better to do a single punchy tweet, asking followers to follow a link to your website than trying to get across all the information in a limited platform. 

If you really cannot cut down your tweet, use a service like TwitLonger.  On TwitLonger you can type a far longer message, which will appear to your followers via your Twitter account. The first part of your tweet will be visible together with a URL to follow to read the full message at the TwitLonger website.

Remember, the key is not making your followers, who are your potential clients, work to find out what you’re saying or what you can offer.  Make it easy, make links clear to see and easy to follow and don’t make it impossible to follow your train of thought.

We hope you found today’s Tip on Tuesday useful!  See you same time next week!

Women on Wednesday

To say we had spent a long time trying to think of a clever alliterative title to match our Tips on Tuesday slot would be an understatement.  Especially when we had overlooked the perfect “Women on Wednesday”.

Today was the very first meeting of the West Yorkshire Ladies Mean Business group – you can find us all on here.  A big thank you firstly to Rebecca and Emma for arranging the event and to Myrtle Perk in Bingley for accommodating us.

Today we met with several inspirational business women who for many reasons have changed their direction and their careers and started up their own businesses.  We really enjoyed the event – why not take a few moments to have a look and see who we met: –

Rebecca – who runs a Forever Living franchise.  Find out more about her and her story here. Rebecca is also the brains and power behing the West Yorkshire Ladies Mean Business group.

Julie – who decided enough was enough in her previous career – but then needed something to excite and fill up her time.  She is a Party Lite consultant – have a look at what she can offer.  Incidentally Julie offers the most innovative – and best smelling – business cards we have received to date, in a perfect little package with two lovely candles.

Sadie runs her own photography business, Peppermint Creative,  doing shoots from boudoir to babies, weddings to portraits and everything in between.  Have a look at some of her stunning photos.

Michelle had the wealth of experience we were all there to hear about having run a family business, Pink Pineapple, for over 20 years.  With products from greetings cards to bunting to homewares and gifts, there’s pretty much something for everyone at Pink Pineapple!

Nicola at Barking Mad , which we think is a fabulous and memorable name, who runs lovely home from home boarding for dogs.  What better way to relax on holiday than knowing your beloved pet is having a holiday too?!

Jan was representing Liberties & Co, a local nail, hair and beauty salon which she runs with her daughter.  Having heard about the wealth of treatments they offer, and the beautiful premises they operate from, we will be booking a treatment or two soon.  Why not see what they offer?

Melissa – runs a fabulous shop called Little Annie-Bets making stunning and unique accessories.  And there’s glitter.  Lots and lots of glitter.

Samantha has just started her own cupcake business and makes delightful and delicious looking treats which you can see here In a twist we really like, Samantha also runs Cupcake Cottage which does baking lessons for small groups.

Emma runs her own virtual assistant business.  As she rightly said, all her clients come to her via word of mouth, but we understand she will have a website up and running very soon.  If anyone would be interested in talking to Emma, please do let us know and we will put you in touch with her.

As you can see, we have a wealth of very talented ladies in such a small locality.  All I can say is that it seems like West Yorkshire ladies really do mean business!

Tips on Tuesday

After a few more specific tips, this week we’re concentrating on something that can apply to each and every social media platform you use.

Simply, our Tip on Tuesday this week is respond and engage.  Getting people to like, follow, share and comment is one of the biggest challenges you will face in social media marketing.  Once you have the holy grail of a comment, or a like, or a mention, or a message, my tip is RESPOND.  It doesn’t need to be immediately but it helps to keep your fans and potential customers engaged to know they’re speaking to “someone”.  They may not know your name, but if you’re engaging in personal conversation in response to their actions, you are putting that personal touch in that will, in time, increase your reach and gain customers.

Do you find our Tips on Tuesday section useful?  Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to cover!