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Twitter Rings in the Changes

Following a disappointing uptake in new users, Twitter have announced a number of changes to their platform to try to encourage people to use it.


Probably the most significant change will be that photos, videos and gifs will no longer be included in the 140 character limit.  On a similar vein, usernames will also be exempt from the limit.

Tweets beginning with an “@” sign will now be visible to all followers and you will, in future have the ability to retweet and quote yourself.

I think in particular the exemption of multimedia and usernames from the character limit is an interesting idea, meaning every one of the 140 characters can be used for useful content.

I look forward to seeing the response to these changes and whether they will indeed signal a change in fortune for Twitter.

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is a bit more generic than usual but an important one we think.

Aire Media Word Cloud

Today we would like to impress upon you all the benefits of digital marketing.   A small part of digital marketing is social media which gives you the chance to reach a large market.  And best of all, if your budget is small you can – with careful usage – do this for free!

Social media is a free, instantly accessible global market.  And the best thing is that it is measurable with analytics tools, so you can see whether what you’re doing is working and what you need to change or do better.

Even if you don’t have a large marketing budget do make sure you tap into the digital marketing sector and get yourselves online, out there and be a global brand.

See you next week!

Tips on Tuesday

We have touched previously on how important it is to respond to customer comments, but for today’s Tip we’re concentrating on Facebook and the Messenger service.

Pic of Facebook Profile Aire Media

You may have noticed this on the profile of your business page.  The percentage response rate is in your hands!  In order to get the “badge” you need to read and respond to private messages almost immediately.  Whilst this isn’t always possible, it shows a good level of customer service to have the 100% response rate.

If you find it difficult to find time to check, why not set up notifications so you get told immediately when you have a private message.

Happy messaging!