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Tips on Tuesday

In January we have been looking at the importance of organisation in respect of your social media and digital marketing programmes in our Tips on Tuesday segment.  In previous posts we have look at the need to organise your schedule, the importance of allocating roles effectively, an emphasis on reviewing your programme, and the crucial checking for notifications!

Image of definition of organisation

For our final tip in this series we’re going to remind you of the importance of knowing what other members of your team have posted!  There’s nothing more off-putting to your followers than having the same content posted repeatedly.  If you lose a follower you will have to work very hard to try to get them back!

Keep it unique, make it interesting and you can’t go far wrong!


Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we’re going to give an important piece of advice about Twitter.


Make sure you make the most of Twitter by following people relevant to your sector.  From local organisations to industry leaders it is really important to forge relationships and find out what other people in your industry are saying!

Interact with the people you follow – you will find your own followers start to increase as you become more involved with other people in your industry.


Tips on Tuesday

For this week we’re going to have a look at Twitter

TwitterTipsAireMediaIf you’re using a Twitter account for business purposes it is really important that whoever is using the account is consistent in tone.  Remember your account is in effect the company and so its important to maintain a constant and professional presence at all times.

Even if the account is managed by different staff, make sure they’re all clear about how you want the account to be used and what is and isn’t appropriate!  The public will only see the company, not the different people who are behind the avatar so keep it neutral, informative and polite.


Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday, we’re going to chat a little about one of the free tools on Facebook you can use to help keep your company visible.

Facebook Aire Media Blog

Why not ask your clients or customers to “check in” on Facebook when they visit you?  Many people really like this tool on Facebook, and use it almost like a diary.

Whilst you’re not actively doing any marketing and therefore using none of your marketing budget, it does mean that friends of your client see where they’re checking in and notice your name.  And being noticed is so, so valuable!

See you next time!


Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday is a generic social media tip and in response to a question I was asked at a networking event.

Question mark image

Very early in our Tips on Tuesday segment, we did a post on creating a brand.  I was asked how that would fit in with using profile pictures and avatars as an advertising spot for special offers, job opportunities etc.

 Make sure your logo also appears on your website and as a favicon.  You really cannot overuse that image which makes you visible. 

As long as it is instantly recognisable that the account is YOU, you can’t go far wrong with your use of imagery! 

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is about using a new tool on Twitter.


Did you know you can now add Gifs into tweets?  This can be a really great marketing tool.  It won’t work for every tweet you write, but add an appropriate Gif into one of your tweets and it will catch people’s eye.  Don’t overuse the tool, but a carefully shared Gif can ensure certain tweets reach further.



Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we’re going to work with Pinterest.

Pinterest Logo Aire Media

Pinterest is a really great way of showing your company’s personality.  You can afford to be a little frivolous on Pinterest. 

Why not create boards for all your employees to share the things they love.  It changes a faceless company into a group of people potential customers can really relate to because their personality shines through.

It’s great to be professional.  It is brilliant to be professional with personality.

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday can be applied to all your social media channels.

Troll Tips on Tuesday blog

Quite simply today’s tip is about trolls.  Sadly social media trolls are not as cute as the little guy above, who we like a LOT!  And we say mute them on Twitter or unfollow them on Facebook!

We prefer muting/unfollowing to blocking for a couple of reasons: –

  1. The person you have muted does not know you have muted them
  2. Muting essential does the same as blocking but it can be easily reversed if you change your mind.

Trolls want a response.  They will soon get bored and move on if you don’t engage with them.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t block and/or someone who is becoming increasingly abusive.  However for a more diplomatic action, which can be important with a work brand, muting is the way to go!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we are going to take a look at YouTube.

YouTube Logo

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine and processes over 3 billion searches a month.

Having a YouTube channel can be a real bonus for your brand……if you use it wisely.  Keep videos professional looking and less than one minute in length.  lengthy videos simply lose people’s attention and it is virtually impossible to get them back!

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s Tip on Tuesday we’re going to advise on something that can be applied to all your social media channels.

Add to basket image Aire Media

I am sure you will have all been followed by accounts on your social media platforms that promise “1000 followers for $10” and other variations.

Our advice is simply don’t.  You won’t be buying real followers, it will just be a raft of accounts specifically created for this purpose.  If you buy a large number of followers, the quality of your audience will be diluted and the impact of your posts will diminish.

Never has the old saying “quality over quantity” been more apt.