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Tips on Tuesday

After a few more specific tips, this week we’re concentrating on something that can apply to each and every social media platform you use.

Simply, our Tip on Tuesday this week is respond and engage.  Getting people to like, follow, share and comment is one of the biggest challenges you will face in social media marketing.  Once you have the holy grail of a comment, or a like, or a mention, or a message, my tip is RESPOND.  It doesn’t need to be immediately but it helps to keep your fans and potential customers engaged to know they’re speaking to “someone”.  They may not know your name, but if you’re engaging in personal conversation in response to their actions, you are putting that personal touch in that will, in time, increase your reach and gain customers.

Do you find our Tips on Tuesday section useful?  Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to cover!

Tips on Tuesday

Doesn’t time fly – for today’s tip we’re focussing on using Facebook for marketing

Facebook now has the option to pin a post at the top of your Page’s timeline for a week. 

USE this tool – place any special offers, promotions, any important announcements at the top of your page and pin them there.  Anyone visiting your site will immediately see the important information you want them to see. 

If you have a special offer you want people to see it and engage, people do not have the time to scroll down through countless other posts until they see something that catches their eye.

Any new status you write will appear below the pinned post until the time period has elapsed or you choose to unpin it.  The formerly pinned status will them simply drop into its chronological position in your time line.

Happy pinning!

Tips on Tuesday

Doesn’t time fly?  Here we are on a Tuesday again and here’s our tip for today.

Again this is a generic tip – and one that could apply to all marketing, not just social media – and can be summed up in three simple words. Create. A. Brand.

It is so important when understanding your clients that you understand how fleeting your appearance on social media is.  You want to be instantly recognisable across every channel you inhabit.  The simple way to do this is make sure you have a catchy logo and make sure your logos match.  It really is that straightforward.  And means someone using Twitter will recognise you from Pinterest, will recognise you from Facebook.   Be the same.  Make your niche YOURS.

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s Tip on Tuesday – and don’t they come around quickly – will be a generic tip that can be applied to all social media channels.


In short the tip is Customer Service.  When you have an open social media profile you are immediately giving your customers, both potential and past, the chance to talk to you.  And whilst this is such a bonus for your business when they post glowing reviews, it can be a double-edged- sword when someone posts a less than positive message.

So my tip this week is simply to respond.  Respond to every message you get.  Whether your reply is a simple “thank you for your feedback” or an “I’m sorry you feel that way, how can we sort this out” people reading the situation playing out will appreciate that you are conversing with your customers.

I agree that there really is no such thing as bad publicity, even the…well….bad publicity if you deal with that publicity in a positive way and show your customers that they come first.

Tips on Tuesday

Back again – just in time for today’s Tips on Tuesday.  And for today’s tip I’m going to be talking about generic social media marketing as opposed to a platform specific tip.

Unless you are a large business, your potential customers are unlikely to be spread across all social media platforms.  Therefore you need to find the channel where your potential customers congregate and be there!

Of course this will take research to work out where you should be devoting your social media time – but the research will pay off and you will find you’re able to direct your marketing, and therefore your time, more usefully.  A useful tool when you are spreading the word to all social media platforms is Hootsuite – which you can use to write multiple posts and send them at timed intervals, rather than visiting each site yourself to post.

Let me know what you think – how do you devote your social media time?

Tips on Tuesday

Back just in time for our weekly slot, here’s today’s Tips on Tuesday.

For today’s tip I’m visiting Facebook and how to make your page pop and catch people’s eye. And the simple answer is use photographs.  Make sure your profile shot is brand specific – if you use other social media or have a website, make sure you use the same image across all platforms to ensure continuity – and that people will immediately recognise you.  Use a cover photograph – make sure the eye is drawn to the top of the Facebook page so people are encouraged to look further – especially for your contact information, after all your immediate aim is to encourage people not only to visit your site but to engage and interact!


Tips on Tuesday

This week in Tips on Tuesday I will be dealing with the question of how personal you make your work social media profiles.

And the easy answer is there is no easy answer!  My own preference is to keep my personal and work social media accounts separate.  I like to be able to feel more relaxed on my personal accounts, be able to talk about inane things that wouldn’t be appropriate on the work accounts.

However, I do think that work social media accounts can have that personal touch.  They don’t need to be dry and completely without personality, but you do need to remember that everything you write on your work social media accounts immediately reflects on your company, however much you say “these view are personal” in your biography!

My tip would therefore be: – do what feels comfortable and natural.  Don’t separate your accounts if you don’t want to.  But be mindful and careful about what you post under your work accounts and avoid contentious issues!

Tips on Tuesday

Welcome to our new regular Tips on Tuesday slot, where we will be sharing bitesize chunks of advice to help you get ahead on social media!

Today’s tip focuses on Twitter.

You have 140 characters.  USE them.  Shorten links you post and explain them.  Use up your character space with hashtags.  Have a look at hashtags that are currently in use and try and tie your post in with them.  It is immediate, free and effective filtering! With such a limited space for getting your point across, it is important to use every character you can!