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Tips on Tuesday

Doesn’t Tuesday come round quickly?  Here we are with another of our helpful tips to keep you on top of the social media marketing game.

Today we want to impress upon you the importance of not making your social media feeds all about you!

Whilst it is so tempting to promote who you are and what you do, you need to make sure you’re delivering good content, not just spam.   Engage with people, share other content you find interesting or useful.  The idea behind social media is all about creating symbiotic relationships – which means that you have to do your bit in nurturing these.

Remember, it only takes one click for someone to unfollow you.  Don’t let that happen!

We look forward to seeing you again next week for some more tips!

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is in response to a question about composing the perfect tweet.


An unknown author said “no-one is perfect……that’s why pencils have erasers”.  We couldn’t agree more, but we would also add “and why keyboards have the delete button”!

When you only have such a limited number of characters to be noticed, attention to detail counts.  Make sure punctuation, grammar and spelling are all correct.  Don’t be tempted to use text speak to shorten what you’re saying – it looks unprofessional and can be difficult to understand.  You want to engage potential customers, not give them reasons to avoid you.

A nice touch is to sign off with the initials of the person who is tweeting – especially if you have multiple users on the same Twitter account.  Customers like the personal touch.

There you go – today’s (most carefully checked ever!) Tip on Tuesday, we hope it is useful.

Tips on Tuesday

Following a lovely little break for Easter, we’re back with our regular Tips on Tuesday slot.  This is a companion tip for our first ever Tip on Tuesday, which you can find here.

In our first tip, we talked about the importance of using your full quota of twitter characters.  Today we suggest you don’t allow your tweets to spill over the 140 characters.  Using multiple tweets for one point can get very confusing.  Don’t forget your followers will follow countless other people and their tweets will appear in and amongst yours.   It is far better to do a single punchy tweet, asking followers to follow a link to your website than trying to get across all the information in a limited platform. 

If you really cannot cut down your tweet, use a service like TwitLonger.  On TwitLonger you can type a far longer message, which will appear to your followers via your Twitter account. The first part of your tweet will be visible together with a URL to follow to read the full message at the TwitLonger website.

Remember, the key is not making your followers, who are your potential clients, work to find out what you’re saying or what you can offer.  Make it easy, make links clear to see and easy to follow and don’t make it impossible to follow your train of thought.

We hope you found today’s Tip on Tuesday useful!  See you same time next week!

Tips on Tuesday

Welcome to our new regular Tips on Tuesday slot, where we will be sharing bitesize chunks of advice to help you get ahead on social media!

Today’s tip focuses on Twitter.

You have 140 characters.  USE them.  Shorten links you post and explain them.  Use up your character space with hashtags.  Have a look at hashtags that are currently in use and try and tie your post in with them.  It is immediate, free and effective filtering! With such a limited space for getting your point across, it is important to use every character you can!