Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is in response to a question about composing the perfect tweet.


An unknown author said “no-one is perfect……that’s why pencils have erasers”.  We couldn’t agree more, but we would also add “and why keyboards have the delete button”!

When you only have such a limited number of characters to be noticed, attention to detail counts.  Make sure punctuation, grammar and spelling are all correct.  Don’t be tempted to use text speak to shorten what you’re saying – it looks unprofessional and can be difficult to understand.  You want to engage potential customers, not give them reasons to avoid you.

A nice touch is to sign off with the initials of the person who is tweeting – especially if you have multiple users on the same Twitter account.  Customers like the personal touch.

There you go – today’s (most carefully checked ever!) Tip on Tuesday, we hope it is useful.

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