Tips on Tuesday

A slight deviation for us today, in that we’re going to talk about online bullying and abuse.  Whilst this does fit under our remit for education, it isn’t a usual topic for our Tips on Tuesday segment but it is certainly a topic worth visiting.

We wrote a lengthy post on keeping children safe on social media here and we feel the message must be that if you see instances of cyber bullying report it. 

Immediate steps – and this is our tip – you can take are: –

  1. Don’t respond or engage
  2. Keep evidence
  3. Block the person who is bullying
  4. Report to the relevant social media site the bullying appears on.

Bullying Uk have written an excellent piece on Cyber Bullying and you can report instances of online abuse by visiting and following their report tool.

You can also report Hate Speech online by using the following details: –

Reporting hate speech Aire Media

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