Tips on Tuesday

It is no secret times are hard, so here are some easy ways you can help small businesses grow on social media: –

  1. Give them a follow/like.  A very easy one but important.
  2. Share their content.  If you see something you think your friends might be interested in, share the love!
  3. If you’ve bought a product or used a service, why not tell people? Leaving a review takes very little time but means the world!
  4. If you see something that interests you on their timeline, comment on the post and tell them so!
  5. Check in to their premises.  People will remember where you’ve been!
  6. If you’re a member of a local group on social media, people often ask for recommendations; word of mouth is still so important!

Give it a try and spread the love; who will you help out today?

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