Tips on Tuesday

Ok, bear with us – we know it is only the 15th November, however that leaves only 6 Tips on Tuesday sessions before our Christmas break, so time to start talking the run up to the big day, and what happens afterwards!

Our first tip is one we discuss every year and this year it feels so important to acknowledge because life is hard! And that is PLAN A BREAK.

We are all carrying a huge mental load, and it is so important for our health, both mental and physical, that we take time away from work to rest, relax and regroup. 

Whether you plan your break as a full shut down, or simply factor in your away time by scheduling your social posts in advance, the important thing is that you have some time for you.

We’re hoping for a full digital detox over part of the Christmas break which means time away from phones and other digital devices – how about you?!

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