Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we’re concentrating on Twitter.

We think it is important for any small business to harness the power of local “hours” on Twitter.   These are regular hours each week where you can tweet the host account or tweet with the relevant hashtag included, and your tweet will be retweeted to (a) everyone following the host account and (b) to everyone following the appropriate hashtag. 

Local hours are a great way of getting your message across to a lot of people.  We also like the fact that the time slot is the same every week – which is vitally important when sorting your social media planning.

A word of warning though – make sure you do your bit.  These hours work on reciprocation, stick around for the full hour, retweet other businesses you find interesting.  You’ll find that you get far more interest from interaction and a symbiotic relationship rather than just a demand for a RT.  Have a search for your closest account, make a note of the next hour and get ready to tweet!

Some of the local hours you might find useful in the Aire Media region are: –


#IlkleyHour 7pm – 8pm

#OurYorkshire 8pm – 9pm

#HarrogateHour 8pm – 9pm

#BrandYorkshire 8pm – 9pm


#eYorksHour 8pm – 9pm

#SkiptonHour 9pm – 10pm


#YorkshireHour 8pm – 9pm


#OtleyHour 7pm – 8pm

#BradfordHour 8pm – 9pm

#LeedsHour 8pm – 9pm


#KeighleyHour 8pm – 9pm

If you have an hour you use regularly or that you curate, please feel free to contact us and we’ll add to the list!



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