Tips on Tuesday

Straight into February with a Tip on Tuesday where we specifically look at Facebook.

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Competitions on Facebook are a great way of becoming visible in people’s timelines and increasing your followers.  However, Facebook do have some rules about the implementation of competitions and it is important you follow these properly: –

  • You can only host a competition from a business page timeline or a custom Facebook page/campaign page.
  • We have created this handy graphic as to what you can and can’t ask people to do to enter a competition

Facebook Competition Rules

  • Facebook competitions must contain the rules and the terms and conditions of entry
  • Facebook competition must clearly state they’re not endorsed by Facebook and that Facebook cannot be held liable for anything in that regard.
  • Contact your winners in a status update or a comment on the page or send an email to the address provided on entry.

So do a competition, have fun with it but do it properly – there’s nothing worse than a competition being pulled because it doesn’t comply with the rules.

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