Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we are concentrating solely on Pinterest.

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Clients often ask me is there any mileage in having a presence on Pinterest as they can’t see how it is relevant for them. 

Some interesting statistics for Pinterest: –

  • 10 million unique monthly UK visitors
  • 80% of users use Pinterest on a mobile
  • 70% of users are female
  • 70% of people will take action on pins (whether buying online/purchasing in store).

I think the most startling of those statistics is the heavy proportion of female users and if you run a business with a high level of female custom it would certainly seem sensible to have a vibrant Pinterest presence.

My opinion is that it is worth having a presence everywhere on social media.  You need to be seen.  So even if you feel like you might not have a target market on Pinterest I do think it worthwhile to create and curate an account.  It certainly gives your brand another vehicle to be noticed.



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