More Twitter rumours

Hot on the heels of the addition of the Twitter Moments feature and the news that character limits could be expanded, Twitter has once again sent the rumour mills into overdrive.


A rumour is doing the rounds that Twitter will soon be run by an algorithm.  This means that rather seeing your timeline chronological order, Twitter will reorder them as per what it believes you want to read in your timeline, much like Facebook.

Buzzfeed suggest the change could come in as early as next week, with a test run on a small number of users going well enough for content to be distributed more widely.

Predictably Twitter appears to have gone into meltdown over this rumour with the trending topic #RIPTwitter.  Suffice to say, the majority of Twitter users seem unhappy at the potential change.

So what do you think – will this affect the way you use Twitter?  It certainly seems to be paving the way for a more monetized use of Twitter – will business have the facility to promote their tweets into your timeline via paid ads?

Twitter themselves have thus far declined to comment.

Let us know your thoughts or join in the debate on Twitter.

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