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Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we’re going to take a look at Facebook.

Facebook Aire Media Blog

Although only a small tip, we believe it is really important to have the Messenger feature on Facebook activated on your business page. 

Facebook Messenger Logo

Although it is another form of contact to manage, it gives potential customers another method to get in touch with you.  If a customer is already on your page on Facebook, you have made good progress – it seems counterproductive to ask them to leave Facebook and go elsewhere to Contact You!

You can always set up your account so you receive notifications of new messages – and remember, if you respond quickly you turn on the 100% response rate badge!


Tips on Tuesday

January seems to be flying by at an alarming rate and we hope you’re putting into practice our advice from our new year series on Organisation.  The first parts of the series can be found HERE (where we talk about organising your schedule), HERE (where we discuss allocating roles effectively) and HERE (where we look at reviewing your processes).

Image of definition of organisation

For today’s tip we’re advising you to make sure you ALWAYS find time to check social media for notifications.

We advise spending a few minutes each day just checking to see whether you have any notifications on your social media channels.  This doesn’t need to be scheduled into your social media plan as it can be somewhat of a moveable feast, but its important that you regularly check and respond to those that need responding to. 

You don’t want to miss out on potential clients by missing them contacting you on your social media.

We’ll be back next week with the final of our January tips .

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is specific to Twitter.

Today we’re going to suggest to all smaller businesses to get involved with local hours on Twitter.  These tend to be a weekly event, usually lasting an hour and curated under the umbrella of a single parent account.

These hours are very useful as a free networking tool and very easy to become involved in.   So have a search, see whether there are any you can become involved in and if not start your own!  We definitely recommend taking the time to see what wonderful opportunities to find out about other local businesses these hours give you.

Some of the hours local to us at Aire Media are: –

#ilkleyhour – Monday 7-8pm

#otleyhour – Thursday 7-8pm

#yorkshirehour – Wednesday 8-9pm

#skiptonhour – Tuesday 9-10pm

#bradfordhour – Thursday 8-9pm

#bingleyhour – Tuesday 8-9pm

It is our very first time currating #bingleyhour tonight.  Find us at @BingleyHour or via @Aire_Media and come and get involved!




Tips on Tuesday

We’re using today’s tip to give a very important piece of information that everyone who uses social media for their business should remember.  Although this tip is also useful for those who only use social media on a personal basis.

Keep passwords of your accounts safe.  Don’t give them out to anyone unless they’re a trusted employee and are dealing with the social media aspect of your business.

It is very easy for social media accounts to be hacked – and a hacked account can cause people to unfollow immediately which means all your hard work in gaining followers is lost and can undermine your reputation as a brand.

Keep your accounts secure.  Have complicated passwords, even use a random generator, that cannot be guessed and store them somewhere secure.

If the worst happens and your account is hacked make sure you deal with it quickly and competently.  Apologise to your followers and let them know you’ve rectified the situation and change passwords on all your accounts.

Keep safe!

Tips on Tuesday

We’re back on a very scorching Tuesday to take some of the heat off you in terms of your social media posts!

We strongly advocate having a social media schedule, we think its important, especially for a small business with a limited budget, to use marketing time wisely and to know what will be posted and when.

However, don’t be afraid of spontaneity and creativity.   If something is unfolding on social media don’t be afraid to participate, make use of it, tap into trending topics.

It is important to keep a sense of relevance to your own personal brand – but taking a chance here and there with your social media presence might just reap very good rewards.


Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we’re concentrating on Twitter.

We think it is important for any small business to harness the power of local “hours” on Twitter.   These are regular hours each week where you can tweet the host account or tweet with the relevant hashtag included, and your tweet will be retweeted to (a) everyone following the host account and (b) to everyone following the appropriate hashtag. 

Local hours are a great way of getting your message across to a lot of people.  We also like the fact that the time slot is the same every week – which is vitally important when sorting your social media planning.

A word of warning though – make sure you do your bit.  These hours work on reciprocation, stick around for the full hour, retweet other businesses you find interesting.  You’ll find that you get far more interest from interaction and a symbiotic relationship rather than just a demand for a RT.  Have a search for your closest account, make a note of the next hour and get ready to tweet!

Some of the local hours you might find useful in the Aire Media region are: –


#IlkleyHour 7pm – 8pm

#OurYorkshire 8pm – 9pm

#HarrogateHour 8pm – 9pm

#BrandYorkshire 8pm – 9pm


#eYorksHour 8pm – 9pm

#SkiptonHour 9pm – 10pm


#YorkshireHour 8pm – 9pm


#OtleyHour 7pm – 8pm

#BradfordHour 8pm – 9pm

#LeedsHour 8pm – 9pm


#KeighleyHour 8pm – 9pm

If you have an hour you use regularly or that you curate, please feel free to contact us and we’ll add to the list!



Tips on Tuesday

We thought today’s tip was going to be a Facebook only tip.  But actually it can be applied throughout your social media platforms.

Today’s tip focusses on how often you can and should re-post the same content.  We understand how tempting it is, when you have something really good to say, to just keep re-posting.  But actually, spamming your potential customers can put them off rather than encourage them to engage.

Our tip is to change what you post even when posting the same message.  Change the language, use different pictures, dip into your content and summarise different excerpts.  Facebook especially will penalize your reach if you post the identical status over and over again.

We hope you found today’s tip helpful.  Let’s see those posts people!

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is in response to a question about composing the perfect tweet.


An unknown author said “no-one is perfect……that’s why pencils have erasers”.  We couldn’t agree more, but we would also add “and why keyboards have the delete button”!

When you only have such a limited number of characters to be noticed, attention to detail counts.  Make sure punctuation, grammar and spelling are all correct.  Don’t be tempted to use text speak to shorten what you’re saying – it looks unprofessional and can be difficult to understand.  You want to engage potential customers, not give them reasons to avoid you.

A nice touch is to sign off with the initials of the person who is tweeting – especially if you have multiple users on the same Twitter account.  Customers like the personal touch.

There you go – today’s (most carefully checked ever!) Tip on Tuesday, we hope it is useful.

Tips on Tuesday

Today’s tip is short and simple, but something that is frequently overlooked and can make such a difference.

We like it when businesses link to their social media profiles – as many as they have – from their website.   It shows your customers you are progressive and that you really are keen on keeping up with trends. 

Here’s where our tip comes in – make sure when people visiting your website (remember these are your potential customers) click on a link to your social media profiles, the link opens in a new tab or window.  You want people to stay on your website and give them MORE chances to read about you, not immediately direct them away somewhere else.  Getting people to visit your website is a really hard thing to achieve.  When you do this, you must keep them.

Tips on Tuesday

Following a lovely little break for Easter, we’re back with our regular Tips on Tuesday slot.  This is a companion tip for our first ever Tip on Tuesday, which you can find here.

In our first tip, we talked about the importance of using your full quota of twitter characters.  Today we suggest you don’t allow your tweets to spill over the 140 characters.  Using multiple tweets for one point can get very confusing.  Don’t forget your followers will follow countless other people and their tweets will appear in and amongst yours.   It is far better to do a single punchy tweet, asking followers to follow a link to your website than trying to get across all the information in a limited platform. 

If you really cannot cut down your tweet, use a service like TwitLonger.  On TwitLonger you can type a far longer message, which will appear to your followers via your Twitter account. The first part of your tweet will be visible together with a URL to follow to read the full message at the TwitLonger website.

Remember, the key is not making your followers, who are your potential clients, work to find out what you’re saying or what you can offer.  Make it easy, make links clear to see and easy to follow and don’t make it impossible to follow your train of thought.

We hope you found today’s Tip on Tuesday useful!  See you same time next week!