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Tips on Tuesday

Remember the old adage “sharing is caring”?  It might be trite, but it is true!


If you see some great content online, don’t be afraid to share it.  Even better if you add a comment of your own!  Sharing someone else’s content isn’t directing your customers elsewhere but showing that your timeline isn’t always about you, your confidence in being able to acknowledge when a competitor has made an excellent point and giving people more great content to read.  You also have the chance to make some great sector connections and of course people will return the favour!

If you like something, pass it on!

Tips on Tuesday

We love social media, we really do, but boy there are some pitfalls!

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One of the first things I tell my clients is “don’t ask people to share your content”; there is nothing more designed to get the opposite result.

Instead focus on writing great, fresh content – if you post something really good, the shares will happen organically!

Happy posting!

Tips on Tuesday

One of the things I’m often asked is “how do I get more followers”.  Whilst number of followers isn’t the single most important facet of your social media strategy, it is the first thing that you tend to notice about your accounts.

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My favourite method of engaging with more followers isn’t by stating what YOU do, it is sharing what OTHERS do.   By sharing good posts with relevant, interesting or amusing content you are making yourself visible to potential new followers.

Don’t be afraid to share and comment on other people’s posts.  Social media is about just that, being social!