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Tips on Tuesday

Remember, your content doesn’t always have to be your own, you can share from other sources.

We’re a big fan of sharing relevant articles pertinent to the industry, wider reaching articles that tell a good story, articles that support a cause you’re interested in or even simply some good old-fashioned good news!

However, it is good practice to share articles that are free to read! It is irritating to follow a link to an article you really want to read, only to find out that you must pay to do so and the main body of the article is hidden behind a paywall. Remember there are plenty of news sources and industry resources out there where you can share their articles for free (with attribution of course – we’re a fan of simply sharing directly to the site carrying the article), and this will prove more worthwhile for you in the long run!

Tips on Tuesday

Something for nothing, a freebie, donation, giveaway, present. Whatever you call it, we all like the idea of getting something without paying!  How many of us choose where to have a coffee because the cafe offers free WiFi?!


You can apply the same to your business! Don’t be afraid to offer something free to your online followers.  Whether that’s a tip, a resource they can download, a link to something useful there are so many ways you can offer your customers something for nothing.

Remember you’re not giving your expertise away for free; rather you’re showing your followers they matter, you’re showing your expertise in your field and your confidence in sharing that expertise.  All a great recipe for encouraging people to use you for more!! 

Who will people remember; the person who charges for all their advice or the person who you can pop on their social media channels and get regular bite-size information for free? 

Tips on Tuesday

A short and sweet tip for you today.

Don’t be afraid to re-share great content.


If you write a really good piece, or create a really good post on social media, always be aware you can share the content again.

Rather than simply copying the post word for word, as with all great recycling, change its form and away you go!

Tips on Tuesday

Straight into February with a Tip on Tuesday where we specifically look at Facebook.

Facebook Aire Media Blog

Competitions on Facebook are a great way of becoming visible in people’s timelines and increasing your followers.  However, Facebook do have some rules about the implementation of competitions and it is important you follow these properly: –

  • You can only host a competition from a business page timeline or a custom Facebook page/campaign page.
  • We have created this handy graphic as to what you can and can’t ask people to do to enter a competition

Facebook Competition Rules

  • Facebook competitions must contain the rules and the terms and conditions of entry
  • Facebook competition must clearly state they’re not endorsed by Facebook and that Facebook cannot be held liable for anything in that regard.
  • Contact your winners in a status update or a comment on the page or send an email to the address provided on entry.

So do a competition, have fun with it but do it properly – there’s nothing worse than a competition being pulled because it doesn’t comply with the rules.