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Tips on Tuesday

Did you know passive content consumption is still consumption?

In the last 30 days, the average Facebook user has shared only one post, whilst they have made five comments and liked 12 posts.  The stats clearly show that reach and reactions are more realistic goals for any of your social media content.

With the average user spending 34 minutes of their day on Facebook, ensure you are adding value to their usage by providing good quality, informative and interesting content.

Tips on Tuesday

Who doesn’t like to win something?!

A quick and easy way – with relatively little investment – to increase your followers is to run a competition or giveaway on your social media channels. By engaging with these types of posts, your audience can assist you in getting a much greater reach!

Make sure you adhere to any terms and conditions on whichever platform you use, and ensure you include YOUR terms and conditions within the post. To run a successful competition, choose winners randomly and be transparent in the drawing of a winner (using a randomisation tool, and a video is great for this) and make sure you deliver on the prizes or giveaways promised! A prize handover is a really great way to get some feel-good content for your pages!

Tips on Tuesday

We’re back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to jump straight into our Tips on Tuesday segment.

For January we’re going to be giving general tips to get you back into the mindset of achieving as much as you can from your online presence.

Our very first tip of 2017 is…….organisation!

Image of definition of organisation

Take time in your first week of the year to have a think about your online presence.  Make a basic schedule of when you’d like to make posts on social media, schedule when you have important announcements to make or when you want your marketing campaigns to begin, have a think about what national events or industry specific events are coming up that you want to tap into.

Although it feels like you have a huge blank page ahead, making some basic plans now will mean that your time will be more efficiently spent throughout the year and most importantly you won’t overlook your social media presence during busy times.

Tips on Tuesday

For today’s tip we are concentrating on something we have touched on separately but probably not said explicitly.

Wordpress links Aire Media

Very simply, make people aware of where you are!  If you are on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram etc, have links to your accounts clearly visible on your website (and make sure they open in a new tab/window!).

Similarly, make sure your website is clearly linked on all your social media accounts.  Your reach will be greater the more places you are found!

Be visible!


Tips on Tuesday

We thought today’s tip was going to be a Facebook only tip.  But actually it can be applied throughout your social media platforms.

Today’s tip focusses on how often you can and should re-post the same content.  We understand how tempting it is, when you have something really good to say, to just keep re-posting.  But actually, spamming your potential customers can put them off rather than encourage them to engage.

Our tip is to change what you post even when posting the same message.  Change the language, use different pictures, dip into your content and summarise different excerpts.  Facebook especially will penalize your reach if you post the identical status over and over again.

We hope you found today’s tip helpful.  Let’s see those posts people!